Look Permanently Beautiful LLC Permanent Cosmetics is located in sunny Boca Raton, Florida. Permanent makeup procedures offered include permanent eyeliner, eyebrows, lipliner and full lip color.Additionally, Look Permanently Beautiful LLC offers tattoo removal and skin needling.
We pride ourselves on our extensive collection of pigments which allows us to CUSTOM BLEND pigments to match hair color, skin tone, and eyecolor to achieve the best possible results. People suffering from allergies, alopecia, vitiligo, and disfigurements due to injuries or surgeries can greatly benefit from the application of permanent cosmetics. All procedures are performed in a medical setting where medical anesthetics are used.
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Eyeliner - Permanent eyeliner can be especially beneficial for people that have limited eyesight or mobility. Eyeliner can be applied thinly or thicker for a more dramatic look.

Eyebrows - Eyebrows provide a frame to the face. Perfectly symmetical eyebrows can be achieved with permanent makeup. Ideal for people that have suffered from alopecia.Pigment colors can be matched to compliment skin tone and hair color.

Lips - Lipliner and full lip color can make the lips appear more youthful. Permanent makeup can hide imperfections of the lipline and make lips appear plumper and more symmetrical.

Skin Needling - The lastest European technique, restores youth and beauty naturally by activating your own collagen and melanin production. Skin Needling is painless and provides great results without without using ANY chemicals or compounds injected into the body. Its benefits include wrinkle reduction, stretch mark reduction, and scar reduction. Both men and women can benefit from this unique service.

Tattoo Removal - Eliminink Tattoo Removal is a process that leaves no scarring and is applied into the tissue utilizing a technique similar to that used by the original tattoo or permanent makeup artist. Ingredients bind to the iron oxides in the pigment and lifts them to the surface through oxidation.

Eyelash Extensions - Beautifully accented eyes can be achieve by the application of eyelash extensions.Makes eyes pop for a special occasion or daily.

Permanent Makeup and Skin Care in Boca Raton!

Carletta Nonziato was in the medical industry for years and crossed over into the beauty industry bringing the expertise of working in a clinical setting.

Carletta received her permanent cosmetics training with ACAS Academy in Boca Raton, Florida and additional training for esthetics at the Florida College of Natural Health. She is a licensed esthetician in the state of Florida, and has completed training in permanent cosmetics, HIV/AIDS, Semi-permanent Eyelash Extensions, and Eliminink Tattoo Removal. Carletta is fully licensed and insured.

Elena McKibbon Elena McKiiben completed her permanent makeup training at ACAS Academy in Boca Raton, Florida and received her esthetician training at the Florida College of Natural Health. Her training included permanent makeup application, paramedical micropigmentation and HIV/AIDS courses. She is a licensed esthetician in the State of Florida.

Elena's background includes being a Pharmacist and a Yoga Instructor. With her medical background Elena likes to create beauty from the inside out. Elena is fully licensed and insured.

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